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short 4 crown royal
pass dat' crown ova this way
Beküldő: MyssSunshyne 2003. november 28.
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blowjob, head, dome, etc.
Person 1: I got crown from your sister last night.

Person 2: I was wondering where that red sore on her lip came from.
Beküldő: crowncrew 2011. április 17.
The 3 finger sign that BrokeNCYDE does.
Used in the song 'Get Crunk'
"Put your motha fuckin crowns up! What!"
Beküldő: BatmanFTW 2010. április 24.
elegant old woman's dress hat, especially a black woman (colored lady)
She was dressed for church, including her crown.
Beküldő: Jim King 2004. december 17.
Top of the peanis.
"Damn dipped my crown in the toilet again."
"Fucking doctors, this crown is the only thing they left me with."
Beküldő: Doctor myDongLong 2008. szeptember 5.
A term invented by plateau and spaj. Known as the new definition for greatness and pure crownage.
plateau and spaj were crôwned the champions.
Beküldő: sjapsie 2011. május 24.
a blowjob, dome, head, etc.
Person 1: Yeah, that bitch was giving me crown right after i met her.
Person 2: Damn dude, you're the king.
Beküldő: crown_crew 2011. április 10.

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