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1. n. Numerous people.

2. n. A clique or birds of a feather.

3. v. Take fronts in line without permission.

4. v. Invade someone's personal space.

5. v. Get in people's way.
That crowd (1) is crowding (5) my doorway because they're all crowding (3). That crowd (2) must enjoy crowding (4) each other.
Beküldő: Downstrike 2004. december 23.
A group of people...
Did you see the crowd of people at the football game...
Beküldő: Mark Weldon 2003. szeptember 16.
A label given when the number of beings (whether they be humans or another kind of breathing lifeform) exceed the number of meters in which all that contribute to the label of ‘crowd’ currently are. Some may claim that 3 or more is a crowd - if all are within a meter or two radius, then it is classified as a very small crowd. Several amateur singers, actors, dancers and performers become very familiar and comfortable with this size.
In a densely populated crowd, the concept of personal space is neither respected nor recognized by others.
Beküldő: Dakura Deoman 2007. január 31.
a large number of peolpe or animals
there was a huge crowd at the pub last night
Beküldő: Lee Holland 2003. szeptember 14.
1: a lot of people in the same place.
2: to block an entrance.
3: What chinease people call those white fluffy things in the sky.
At the rock show, there was a big crowd.
Beküldő: Your Friend 2003. szeptember 13.
Many people gathered together.
The crowd cheered as one at the entertainer.
Beküldő: Wammy 2003. szeptember 17.
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