Basically another term for Brooklyn.
"Crooklyn Dodgers" is an ill song
Beküldő: Hamydeez 2003. október 5.
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crooked-out brooklyn
crooklyn's finest
Beküldő: greezieg 2004. március 6.
Slang Term for the New York neighborhood "Brooklyn"
Crooklyn's in the house!
Beküldő: AC 2004. február 9.
Crooklyn is a slang used for a part of Brooklyn that I filled with Crips. Crops often try to disrespect members of a faggot gang called Bloods. To do this, we change the "B" to a "C" which is the first letter in crip.
Big locc~ "Aye cuhh what part of criped out Ny we gon' be in today."

Li'l locc~ " You already know cuh. We gon' be in Crooklyn to represent."
Beküldő: bkloodkilla60 2015. június 8.

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