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Less offensive than shit, more offensive than poop.
(In front of parents) "I just stepped in dog crap!
Beküldő: Jake 2005. március 31.
302 141
what one says when one is afraid to say shit
Oh crap!
Beküldő: refl3xive 2004. március 25.
4114 758
An anoying turd that floats in the bottom of your toilet and after 100000 flushes its still there.
Your Mum she doesn't piss off
Beküldő: Follower 2003. március 13.
2154 951
one of the most commonly used words in the dictionary; it means many many things
(n) 1. a pile of shit 2. the closest word in the dictionary to being a cuss word without actually crossing that line. 3. worthless junk and/or pointless things 4. a great word to say repeditively without other people getting mad at you since you arnt cussing
(v) to take a sed crap
(adj) (crappy) worthless, terrible, shoddy, pointless, etc... (crapfully) 1. badly 2. sincerely (as in the closing of a letter)
what in the crappy crap is going on??
what the hell is this crap all about?
you are a serious piece of crap.
Crapfully yours, The Claw
aw holy CRAP!
you ?#*@ing piece of %^$# %&#$ *^*$ crap %&#^@ crappy *&&#* craped *#@& *%&#*$ %&@*$ *%&^#* crap!
Beküldő: The Claw 2005. május 9.
1199 374
Shit, Poo, Poop, Dingle Berries, anything relating to feces.
crap >_< I lost again ;_;
Beküldő: Irtehleetbob. 2002. december 15.
1279 554
pertaining to or related to any mainstreem corprate music made in the last few years
Beküldő: me 2003. augusztus 12.
1229 523
1. The only word in the English language with a silent 'C' at the beginning. (Alternate spelling: rap)
I can't believe you're listening to this crap.
Beküldő: Andy 2004. november 30.
1303 781
to shit
I crap my pants all the time.
Beküldő: DD 2003. április 10.
743 333