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the act of kidnapping a boy scout and taking him into the woods to tie special knots
I'm going to quit my job and go craiging
Beküldő: GregZ 2013. április 9.
The art of making a girl fall in love with you and then ditching her.
Tori broke up with her boyfriend for Doug but it turns out he was just craiging on her.
Beküldő: hiddenknowledge 2011. január 30.
a fun pool game where u must use a giant slingshot to ht some one with a blowup aligator
Hey man craigings a great pool game.
Beküldő: ducka steve 2009. november 16.
The act of being a third wheel.

The act of ruining a moment.
"I was in the process of making out with my girlfriend, then craig showed up."

"I hate it when that guy shows up, he's always craiging.
Beküldő: Nikthemighty 2008. augusztus 13.
When a bro bails on another bro for a hoe
James is craiging on us for that bitch. Josh just craiged on us for his girlfriend!
Beküldő: xamboni11 2011. február 18.
the acting of arguring a proven fact and trying to get the last word.
Craig was craiging on our discussion.
Beküldő: beerfest 2010. május 9.
To cruise airport bathrooms seeking anonymous sex and a bone to smoke or to get your bone smoked. cottaging
The faggot went craiging at the airport .
Beküldő: Airport man 2007. szeptember 7.