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means a few, some, or in some instances alot
officer: how much you had to drink tonight sir?
Man: just a couple of beers.

"hey i gotta a couple of bucks to put on that sack son!"
Beküldő: mh53 2005. december 25.
two to fifteen objects or ideas of the same sort.
A couple of cookies, is fifteen. A couple of chores is two. QED
Beküldő: Iramch Spittlinger 2009. június 16.
a pair. Two. Double.
Look at that "Couple" of hoes walking over there!
Beküldő: Bill Clintonhanger 2005. június 24.
To have sex with someone; Sexual intercourse

Used in the musical Spring Awakening.
Moritz: "One question, Melchie. How can you understand what a woman feels when she... you know... couples with a man?"
Beküldő: Julia Gibbs 2010. december 22.
2 people, who canoodle, and have extreme amounts of PDA (NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE AROUND!)
OMG, look at that couple. They have no shame haha
Beküldő: TRUTH. 2014. október 17.
Refers to TWO things
Few is not interchangeable
Few refers to 3 or more things
Sean has a couple of fags who suck his clit every night.
Beküldő: gofixyourbraindumbshiet 2009. november 4.
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