it's a person who is socially healthy, that means with a several number of friends, gets along with pretty much everyone because he is usually funny but yet smart, and with habilities to certain "not necesarily nerdy" things. he is also used to have a use of both cultured and trash talk and knowledge. they are not really good looking but compense the lack of it with some cool carachteristics like playing a modern instrument or something. usually wears glasses but normal or modern clothing and doesn't get too involved in shits like role playing games or the fuckin renaissance fair but still likes some of it and enjoys it as much as a wild party. in a more personal point of view, the people who is a junkie in those things has had more than one wedgie and at least one good beating.
"hey man, you wanna come to Christine's party?"
-"sure, why not?"
"hey buddy, do you wish to come and play Halo 3 at my house on Xbox Live?
-"sure, why not?"
"damn, you are a cool nerd!!!" (both of the guys say this).
Beküldő: Cesar Manilla 2007. október 27.
Top Definition
Someone who's fun to hang around with has awesome t-shirts and a verying range of music tast but is over all nerdy.
Average Person: Damn my computers fucked up
Cool Nerd: Let me take a look at that.
Average Person: Thanks! Nice t-shirt.
Beküldő: Firehigh 2005. szeptember 14.
A girl or guy who has all of the qualitys of a nerd (such as playing video games, reading comic books, liking Star Wars, ect.) but also has a social acceptence, sense of personal style, and great confidence when expressing their intelect.
Aubrey bought the cutest outfit for the party tonight! Did you know she is 24th in our class? She is such a cool nerd!
Beküldő: live.paint.die. 2010. július 4.
a really cute guy who listens to hardrock music. dresses socially acceptable, and can hold a conversation without being awkward. This same boy plays videogames every chance he gets, decorates his room in gaming memorabilia, has a ninja star hanging in his car and has a cutout of a videogame fantasy girl.
why is it not weird that he has doll toys? oh well he's a cool nerd and those are action figures
Beküldő: simon876 2011. október 18.
Being not a total dork, but having a little dork in you which leads other dorks to talk to you.
"Oh my god. Ethan is being a total cool nerd right now."
Beküldő: Coolnerdsaregay 2014. június 14.
Someone who has interest in anything with educational value, electronics, RPGs, Sci-fi (books, movies etc), sex, Anime, Music (the kind that can be well known ie: Radiohead, Voltaire, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Dandy Warhols, The Beatles etc.. or underground ie: Noise band music, Hip Hop, etc..), Taking electronic things apart and tweaking/modifying them, Video Games, May like sports, Play an instrument like guitar, drums, violin etc, watches popular shows to educational shows, has a fair amount of friends they are close to, socially well adjusted, knows how to have fun not only in a nerdy but in a cool way too.
Friend: Up for the Radiohead concert on Friday?
Cool nerd: Damn I'd love to go because I love them but I have a D&D game, I could cancel.
Friend: Yes..cancel!!!
Cool Nerd: Oh I so will.

Person: So what do you do for fun?
Cool nerd: I hang out at clubs, go to Noise band shows, circuit bend, play D&D, watch House, Battle Star Galatica, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, and medical shows, listen to Aerosmith, Stereo Total, The Pumpkins, Velva, Sounds Happy, Radiohead, Harry and the Potters, and VNV Nation!
Person: Damn you are nerdy but in a cool way!!!
Beküldő: Sarah Czarina 2008. szeptember 24.
A person (mostly a girl) who knows so much school junk (aka nerd) but is considered popular or COOL!
Beküldő: SP&IW 2009. július 20.
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