Got Milk?
Beküldő: Just Like Campbells...MmMm Good 2003. június 21.
Multi-Shaped delicious crunchy edible that Keith loves.
Who told you you could eat my cookies.
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. március 9.
interception in madden football
i through a interception and todd yelled out cookies!
Beküldő: Loc-nass 2007. október 16.
The money inside the cookie jar (see cookie jar)
"yes man did you get the cookies?"
Beküldő: r!chard 2007. október 16.
meaning to be done with; when something is over, finished
did you see that run for the touchdown? once he got past that defender, it was cookies.
Beküldő: LeCh23 2005. december 7.
When a girl is giving a guy a handjob and she keeps going and giong. Eventually it looks like Cookie dough. My friend Mike told me that.
Chris wants me to give him cookies, but calls me a prude when I say no.
Beküldő: I'm not telling you 2004. június 20.
one day, a girl had 6 cookies. it was the first time she ever had cookies with a boy. many people around her realized "cookies" was slang.. for.. :gasp:... SEX.
man: i really want some sex.
girl: no, you really want some cookies, and i'm afraid you can't handle all the cookies i'm about to give you.
Beküldő: Samantha 2004. május 14.
a word used after someone has been completely humiliated.
person1:if i wanted you to talk, i would have jiggled my zipper


bystander: COOOOKIES!!
Beküldő: mcnasty 2004. február 6.

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