to converse. to hold a conversation.
"Conversate sex on the first date"
Beküldő: Bengwell 2007. december 20.
Word that ignorant reporters use in order to sound intelligent when speaking to President of the United States. Usually causes embarrasment to all those of the reporter's race.
"The two people began to conversate when the President entered."
Beküldő: Cody A. 2006. január 26.
To talk, create a conversation.
Man, that girl is so pretty. I'm going to conversate with her.
Beküldő: Laureeen. 2008. április 15.
Having a conversation such as, to conversate.
We conversated rather than, we had a conversation.
Beküldő: xXGODLESSNESSXx 2008. május 18.
to have a casual chat that ultimately leads to casual sex
"I wasn't cheating on my wife with her, she and I would just hang out and conversate every so often."
Beküldő: Joe Sheezy 2007. december 22.
1. to talk while having sex about things other than sex
2. to have a conversation in bed

Brian and I conversate often when we fuck. We talk about everything from physics to what's for lunch.
Beküldő: PookiePoo 2007. szeptember 23.
To sate *or satisfy* someone's need for conversation. Opposite of convothirst. Often used in ebonics to add a "intellectual" flare to their speech.
girl 1: "Girl, we needs to conversate."
girl 2: "fer reals, did you see how fake her breasteses were?"
Beküldő: Xian Haos 2005. április 18.

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