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The act of deflowering a lesbian with your penis.
Misha: "Please comfort me, Hicchan. Just for today."
Beküldő: OHGODMAHDRILLS 2012. június 10.
32 8
a verryyy small town in texas, about an hour north west of san antonio. the majority of the people are mexican that live in comfort place. which is, if you didn't know, a big community of trailers in which are many mexicans ]

home to the famous John Paiz//Jacob Binge//TEX(Garret Hastings)//Casey Petty

also home to many rednecks and just plain cool kids
Lets go to comfort and do absolutely nothing.

I can't wait to go to comfort, just so i can hear one of TEX's stories.

Beküldő: your_bestfuckingfriendforlife 2009. március 17.
30 25
Yorkshire people who take a day trip to the seaside....

We've "cum fert" day. Normal useage "We have come for the day"
Beküldő: Dave "not a yorkie" 2003. április 1.
2 5
to make someone feel better. In my case its usually in bed.
Rachel comforts me with her 6 foot long invisible penis
Beküldő: emilyf 2008. augusztus 11.
29 41