To do something (rap, battle, knock boots) properly.
Niggas want beef, y'all could see me in the street

But you better come correct, cause we move around with heat
Beküldő: enormus 2003. július 2.
Top Definition
To come out rightly. To speak or approach someone with respect, and not with undeniable ignorance. To do something the right way the first time to avoid being bitched by another.
1. That bitch better come correct next time if she wanna hang out with me!

2. I would advise you to come correct before you start throwing out facts that are really false.
Beküldő: Tai 2003. június 30.
to have manners
i'll slice your nose off the next time you don't come correct. see, i'm understanding so i'll let you slide this time.
#come #correct #manners #respect #cut-you
Beküldő: weeping-clown 2009. június 18.
You come correct when you are making a drug deal and all your money is there
I expect all my customers to come correct or they will not get there product!
Beküldő: Tony Valentine 2003. július 2.
bein straaaa8 R.A.W. at whaaaateeeeever you into........
When I step up in the place, hey yo! I come correct, woo ha woo ha, I got you all in check Busta Rhymes
#raw #r.a.w. #wicked #crazy #good #shot out #insane #got flow #got skills #got skillz #insane crazy driving miss daisy now i got mine so i'm a keep it swayze
Beküldő: sillycracka 2008. április 24.
when you come with tha thunda... and bring it like an oldschool G. not one of these new school fools. pushin their capital "B" capital "S"
better come correct or ill put your ass in check.
Beküldő: dancefloorjustice 2003. július 2.
To bring fresh rhymes; to have dope technique

Background: Hip hop, b-boy
On the microphone I come correct
Beküldő: g-funk 2005. március 6.
To have an orgasm without making any errors, to ejaculate according to the accepted norm.
My girlfriend is giving me an oral test, I hope I come correct!
#blow job #ejaculate #come #mistake #orgasm
Beküldő: Madmann 2005. október 1.
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