A company almost as bad as Verizon. Crappy service, inflated prices, and someone tell me, what's the deal with them giving you remotes that say "Adelphia" and "RCA" and "Cablevision" on them? Can't they afford to brand their own remotes?
Some people confuse Verizon with Comcast because both of their logos are red and black.
Beküldő: Home slice 2005. augusztus 21.
Cable TV company that cost at least $50 a month to watch. And with that you get endless comercials and "Romancing The Stone" played over and over again. Oops, almost forgot...you get to watch the news! And Premium Movie Channels!(Romancing The Stone, Big, JAWS 3 ) If you want to watch a good movie it'll cost you extra.PPV.
Cable thieves cost us to lose $5 million a year. Turn cable thieves in and we won't do anything for you. We're saving to buy Disney for $60 BILLION. But we are hurting financially so keep busting on you neighbors.
Beküldő: hooper 2004. május 16.
A internet/tv provider that costs $19.95....for the first five months that is. after that it costs aroung $85. it has 800+ channels, though like 200 of theme are spanish, and another 50 or so has the same exact thing on as the channel below or beneth it. the internet price is worth it if you are a seroius gamer who wants no lag. it feature a terrible collection of free movies that you've most likesly never heard of. the good movies cost like $5.00 to see.
If you get comcast, prepare to drop alot of money.....
#comcast #ripoff #internet #expensive #800+
Beküldő: imjustapoorboynobodylovesme 2006. november 30.
A supposed digital service provider employing a business plan from the stone age set up to do nothing other than rape it's customers. Instead of allowing consumers to choose their own content packages, they force 90% extra bullshit fluff added to the 10% of services you actually want for ridiculously outlandish prices.

Running with a completely streamlined skeletoned system of equipment and hardware that's not kept up to date with modern firmware or standards whatsoever, nothing is ever working the way it's intended and if anything goes wrong expect to be ignored until it starts working again, which can take hours if not days at a time.

Line signal strength is a joke and overtaxed during peak hours so if you're neighbor is looking up porn while you wish to game online expect frequent lag and disconnections. Switching stations have no stand by systems or backups in place so if anything on the Comcast service network goes down you have no services, such as Television, Internet and Phone.
1. I just got booted from Xbox Live! Again! Fucking asshat next door must be jerking off!

2. Comcast is down, better call it in to complain... oh wait, Comcast also provides the phone, and since the service is down the phone isn't working.

3. Customer service has had me on hold for hours! They must not have any staff to handle anything because they expect no one to call when the service is down because it disables the customer's phone! Guess they don't realize we still have cellphones! Oh I just got through... nope they don't speak English and promptly hung up on me!

4. I've just pinged the local switching station's IP and I'm getting not half the rate for which I'm paying for their supposed "high-speed" internet... customer service tells me that I'm paying for "up-to" a certain speed. I'm thinking about only paying "up-to" a certain amount of my fucking bill! Fuck Comcast, I'm cancelling this shit!
#comcast #bullshit #assrape #moneygrubbing #fuckfaces
Beküldő: WCrispy 2009. július 23.
1. An evil company with giant snakes for employee's disguised like humans, and they will hit the standby button on the world forcing everyone to stop except for them, and they will but rape you.
2. Comcast also stole Santa's weather machine and are using it to throw the world off balance.
1. You are sitting playing gears of war when you suddenly lag out, and have some sort of comcast service
1b. When you get anal raped by an Evil company.
2. See Global Warming.
#comcast #snakes #comcastic #terrible #bad #raped #rape #standby
Beküldő: I HATE SNAKES!!!!! 2009. május 12.
A company that will steal your money, and live you homeless.
Comcast bill "Your remaining balance is 200$"
Customer " Wow this guys are crazy"
#xfinity #comcast #cable #internet service #warner bros
Beküldő: Tight_pussy 2014. január 10.
Exclamation. Used to express disdain, frustration, and general malaise with emphasis.
1. Comcast! I ran over my mailbox.
2. That was the most comcasting awful movie I've ever seen.
#comcast #comcastion #comcastey #comcastic #comcasterous
Beküldő: Comcaster 2013. május 21.
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