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The combination of cocaine and blunts, which will get you mad stoned, ie. a good time.
We burned some mad coconuts last night
Beküldő: Kevin Smyth 2006. november 6.
Someone who is addicted to cocaine or crack.
Joey Jeremiah is a coconut.
Beküldő: joey jeremiah 2005. augusztus 17.
The act of hitting someone ontop of their head, then saying Coconut out loud. Must be done when the is not expecting it or is just being an asshole
Jimmy just gave tommy a damn good coconut for spitting in his milk
Beküldő: Konrad 2005. április 10.
1. an african-american -- source, any Chicago cop

2. someone of any race with a very large head, or

3. his head

4. Coconuts= big balls, courage.
"Look at the coconut on that coconut."

"Dude you got coconuts."
Beküldő: Joe Bone 2005. március 7.
An action of using your palm to hit someone's head.
That guy looks like a bird, let's go and coconut him.
Beküldő: Maslin 2003. szeptember 2.
basically what everyone is trying to say

brown on the outside, white in the middle
andy peters is a coconut sell out
Beküldő: dark soul 2003. június 30.
To 'coconut' an individual involves placing a coconut down your underwear and rubbing up against/dry humping an unsuspecting victim. Can also be a consensual act.
Helen decided to coconut Scott as he walked home
Beküldő: razberry1990 2010. február 10.