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When a woman is especially hungry for the male reproductive organ.
A nympho would be the classic example of a woman who is cock sick.

If you are talking about a cock sick woman in from of her but do not want her to know what you are talking about, you can use "toxic" instead, that way she might even think you are complimenting her, further increasing her cock sick rage.
Dude1: This girl is all over me mayn, and all mah boys.

Dude2: Damn yo, bitch is cock sick.
Beküldő: snipedogg 2010. június 2.
5 0
to eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth while performing oral sex on a male's genitals.
His penis was so big I got cocksick.
Beküldő: Missy Cocksick 2011. június 26.
2 1
the semi-nauseous feeling you get after sitting on your 'nads for too long.
I was geekin' so hard on the computer that I sat for 3 straight hours until I was cocksick and stumbled to the bathroom.
Beküldő: barfo-ramadome 2009. augusztus 3.
2 2
Heavy shit. A.K.A. really vile, graphic, life-changing experiences...
"We saw the most cocksick car crash today, the guy beheaded himself through his own windshield."
Beküldő: Diggerdowntrigger 2006. szeptember 1.
2 5