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1. To prevent a male friend or associate from getting some action.

2. Any such attempt to prevent a male friend or associate from getting some action.
1. Damn, Johnny just totally cockblocked his roommate. Ass.

2. OK, Isaac's making his move on Clarisse in the living room, and the game is on in fifteen minutes. We're going to have to attempt a cockblock.
Beküldő: Jake 2003. április 12.
2834 586
When a friend or person prevents one from hooking up with a potentional mate. Usually done on purpose by a friend or person that will go to extreem lengths to prevent one from hooking up or getting some. Can be done by accedent, but usually not likely. Also know as cock blockers or cock blocking, these indeviduals of interception usually have the hater mentallity of, "Fuck that guy/girl!!, If I can't get it, they can't eather!!, or the famous I'm just going to fuck this up for this person because I'm a HATER!!! Also known as purpratrating hating, ass deflecting or scary ass. These Interceptive, bypassing, mercenaries must be stopped!!!
"I was macking on a girl and my so called friend was butting in on the conversation, then pointing out my flaws, then trying to bring up my old relationships, then bug-a-booed the girl all around, then tried to tell her to call him in a different language(they both spoke the same second language), Then followed us around the whole night(even falling asleep by us then wakeing up at the first sign of movement, jumping between us, making me drop her off first and we were entering his(the cock blocker's) drive way, not allowing me or her to exchange phone numbers, this all acts of true COCK BLOCKING, COCK BLOCK, COCK BLOCKED, COCK BLOCKER." true-Mon, July,14,03
Beküldő: The chun du 2003. július 14.
917 730
a person who comes between you and a successful score by continually derailing the train or showing up at the worst times possible with inane, unrelated blather
a woman who won't shut up when you're trying to chat up her best friend
Beküldő: kitznegari 2002. november 9.
371 191
To fully understand the ways of a clockblock, one must set a scenario. Ok, say you've been out all night hanging with this girl, and can sense that you are mere seconds away from going upstairs too hook up with her. Here comes your good buddy cockblock. His drunk, attention-needing self jumps right into the picture and tells your woman how beautiful she is, then throws up all over her. Instead of giving you a quality BJ, she drives old Cockblock home, leaving you by your lonesome to jerk off all night.
Male: You have really pretty eyes.
Female: Do you feel like going---
Lukas: I LOVE YOU!

Male:"Damn cockblock...."
Beküldő: Ruf 2005. augusztus 26.
313 147
Chris Hansen from Dateline.
If your a pedophile he is the definition of a cock block.
Beküldő: jayleeb 2008. augusztus 10.
480 346
When you are attempting to get close to a girl and your buddy won't leave the room or starts telling less than flattering stories of you that cause you to lose an opportunity with your new female acquaintance.
Sara was sitting on the couch in the living room, Eric had been talking with her all evening, the party was over, Eric was attempting to get close to Sara but David wouldn't leave the living room even though he kept nodding off.
Beküldő: Eric 2004. december 7.
210 93
1. (n.) A result of a friend, stranger, or acquaintance making sexual relations or intercouse impossible (by accident or purposely) with a member of the same or opposite sex.
2. (v.) To make the act of having sexual relations with a member of the same or opposite sex impossible (by accident or on purpose.)
1. "Last night I was chillin' wit Shorty at a party, when some dude walked into the wrong room and she didn't feel like doin' it no more...I was an unfortunate victim of cock-block.

2. "Last night I saw James tryin' to hook up wit Jenny and he knows I like her! So, before she left wit him to the other room, I told her that he has Herpes. Next time I talk to him I'm sure he gonna wanna kick my ass for cock-blocking him."
Beküldő: Jessica 2005. január 17.
141 31
Something that keeps you from getting action.
That bitch scares all the other chicks away! She's a total cock block.
Beküldő: Batman 2001. november 10.
609 500