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the act of, or result of lifting weights or exercising (pushups, pull ups, etc.) right before going out to a bar or club with the desire to engorge your muscles with blood, or produce a pump, in order to temporarily make them larger in order to impress the opposite sex.
I got my club pump on before I went out.
Beküldő: J1HittaQuitta 2004. április 19.
A girl who freely engauges in sex with visitors to various clubs that she attends.
See that hottie over there, she is the club pump of the whole East end of town.
#whore #date #score #target #round heels
Beküldő: Sean Layman 2006. május 26.
the guy at the bar who keeps drinking
when is that club pump going to stop, hes waisted
#drunk #plasterd #waisted #tippsey #alke
Beküldő: billy dillhole 2006. május 29.
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