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someone who can drive you crazy with the fantastic look in his eyes. He can make you laugh,be joyful and love. He is very hot and awesome.
I'm dreaming of those dreamy eyes...... claudiu's eyes..............
Beküldő: cc105 2010. április 13.
just cool and chilled dude from nürnberg keepin it real
claudius loves tanja
Beküldő: hanswurst77 2009. július 13.
Someone who hides their true feelings but would make a good boyfriend anyway. usually short and really handsome.
Beküldő: Awesome 123454321 2012. szeptember 13.
A white boy who is really black. He is the master of DDR, and lives in the ghetto.
Claudiu is ghetto, init
Beküldő: RioJo 2004. július 15.