someone, usually a girl, who is not a slut.
Jennifer is a lot more classy than Julie.

Yeah, Julie sleeps around.
#classy #slut #skank #elegant #poisonous
Beküldő: asparagus:DD 2010. február 1.
to be a dirty liar
Devan is so classy she told Taylor she only gave 1 bj & she gave 5.
#classy #devan #bj #liar #five
Beküldő: girlskissgirls 2010. július 1.
Used sarcastically to describe things of a ghetto or trailer-park nature. Often means the opposite of Paris Hilton's "that's hott."
Keisha: "Do these pink assless pants look good with this see-through purple shirt and these plastic platform heels?"
Rhett: "Yes, they look quite classy!"

Christine: "Shannon, could you grab me that there corndog out of my purse?"
Shannon: "Bringing a corndog to Great Aunt Lizzie's funeral? That's classy Christine, real classy."
#trashy #low-class #classy #trailer-trash #white-trash #slutty #whorish #fugly #stupid
Beküldő: Shannon Barbara Smith 2007. április 9.
When a cute and hot girl is siting on a boys lap, means on top of him.
Cute girl: You´re so classy!
Classy boy: Why?
Cute girl: Because I´m sitting on top of you!
#classy #sexy #cool #nice #hot #smart #fly
Beküldő: DjReM 2010. április 15.
Another way of saying tipsy, or A heavy buzz, but not completely intoxicated.
Dude, i went to Matt's place last night to play some pong, and got incredibly classy.
#tipsy #buzzed #drunk #crunk #inebriated
Beküldő: Archie89 2009. április 1.
having pure class.
a man or woman who you can not stop staring at.
a woman wearing an over sized sweater.
a person who calls their children pigs.
having a mom who is a princess.
someone who does not follow the rules of the road but insists that you do.
Billy: She sure is classy.

Abby: Soccer moms are pure class.

Zachy: Vivian took a bath in chocolate. That is just classy.
#class #classy #unicorns #turtlenecks #molly
Beküldő: Abby Hoover 2007. december 12.
A term I use to refer to something original, but to the point of looking so cool in the process.
"Solid Snake throwing a grenade into the turret of the M1 tank....that's so classy. ^_^ "
Beküldő: Dave 2004. március 26.
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