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An ugly girl/guy - so ugly he/she needs to be clapped (physically).
Me: "Did you see James making out with that girl?"
You: "Yeah, but she was clapped though!"
Beküldő: chinese_model89 2010. szeptember 27.
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to be shot
dat punk ass motherfucker just got clapped
Beküldő: crip 2003. november 4.
Ta be popped or in white people terms shot
Got a gat in mah lap incase dat nigga gotta get clapped
Beküldő: Levar 2006. július 13.
Keith: Ay wat the f*ck is dat walkin down da street???

Brandon: LOL I dont know but shorty clapped !
Beküldő: e-blockcrazy 2008. szeptember 1.
to get hit or punched
damn you got clapped, i told you not to fight that big ass nigga
Beküldő: KDMG 2008. március 6.
Adj. An altered state of consciousness, brought about by the consumption of illicit drugs. (Australia.)
I'm that fuckin' clapped.
Beküldő: Jenkinburg 2009. június 30.
clapped; a sexy ass motherfucker, the person who calls you this is generally a jelous hoe who is a beat and delete, with very bad hair.
hoe:"lucie is a clapped bitch"
Beküldő: sayittomyfaceyeah 2015. február 23.

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