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little piece of shit that hangs stubbornly from your anal beard.
Des had trouble when a damn clag nut would not leave his anus hair.
Beküldő: Desandmerko 2011. január 29.
A Piece of shit that didnt manage to get wiped by the tissue. This shit has managed to entangle within the pubic hair and stay around the arse hole region.
You need to clean your arse hole... you have clagnuts
Beküldő: hitchy 2009. december 4.
This would be after an extended period of lack of regular sanitary arrangements such as on patrol in bandit country.

See also 'Bartleberry'.
Clagnuts are the crispy bits of shit that cling to the hairs around your anus.
Beküldő: Talent 2004. december 21.
A short, sexy, badger like girl, answering to the name of Claire.
Come here claggers.
Beküldő: Paul 2003. december 2.