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someone who goes out with or sleeps with everyone from their church or youth group
oh my gosh kristan did you hear about gregory he's such a church whore
Beküldő: horatioiksmylove 2006. március 31.
25 15
Predominately African American females who hang around the premises of a Church's Chicken restaurant asking teenage boys if they would like to have a "good time"
When i was at church's chicken the other day, the church whores wouldn't leave me alone.
Beküldő: evil shinanigan 2008. szeptember 21.
9 6
A female who goes to more than one church in earch of a decent christian boy to date
Grace became a Church Whore when Monica her to go to the church down the street as well as her own church in order to get a dsecent selection on good Christian boys to date.
Beküldő: Gracifer 2007. november 16.
9 9