to smoke marijuana/weed
Dude lets go chip at the beach
Beküldő: friendlyjerlena 2011. január 31.
A secret word for Cigarette. This word is used when you talk to your friends about wanting to smoke but your parents are within earshot.
I'm going to go for a chip.

It's raining. Let's go eat a chip.
Beküldő: Napia 2010. október 14.
If something is chips, it's okay, if something isn't chips, it's not okay. That's that.
Me: "That's just not chips, mate."
Beküldő: "P Nizzle" 2010. február 16.
In Beauty and the Beast, you'll barely see Chip on stage because every character tells him to go to sleep. Whenever you do see him, he is hopping around, attached to his mother.
"Go to bed Chip!'
Beküldő: MatthewL27 2010. január 6.
A "bih ah dih" (big ass dick)
That guy has a chip!!
Beküldő: ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2009. április 22.
A quick hit, usually to the face or chin. To punch or jab someone.
Yo I swear da next time I see dat nigga imma chip him
Beküldő: jerz nigga 2009. március 25.
another name for chewing tobacco or dip. commonly referred to as throwing in the chip, or puttin in a fat lip.
yo zessie, wanna go throw in the chip?

lets go pack the chip.
Beküldő: big zon 2009. március 12.

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