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a female prostitute, especially a young and inexpensive one
Watch out for the chippies downtown.
Beküldő: dskoelling 2003. december 11.
409 231
The place where one buys fish and chips.

Otherwise known as the Chip Shop.
I'm gonna get a fish supper at the chippy.
Beküldő: Lambchops 2004. november 24.
356 190
The screaming baby from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job that has a moustache and a unibrow.
"Where's my Chippy?"

"There's my Chippy."
Beküldő: Agent Marlow 2009. április 19.
352 191
(adjective) applied to hockey games: rough, involving lost tempers, fighting, and ejections
One ejection, four guys on the bench at once, and a broken collarbone. That hockey game was getting kind of chippy.
Beküldő: dskoelling 2003. december 11.
143 96
Carpenter or Fish and Chip Shop.
Has the chippy arrived yet?

Headed off to the chippy for some grub?
Beküldő: Angus Prune 2003. április 17.
115 77
California Highway Patrol officers, CHPs, a term often used by truckers to warn each other that the highway patrol is about.
"be mindful of the chippies"
Beküldő: Brett G. 2006. május 15.
28 12
Chippies refer to money put together by multiple people in order to by drugs or alcohol. (for the most part weed)
Matt "yo lets cop a dub nigga"

Admir "ya but actually um lets call Murat see if he got 10 chippies so we can get a 30 piece"

Beküldő: Brooklynzkid 2008. október 13.
15 8