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Member of the 90's Girl Group TLC where the C in TLC stands for her name.
Chilli's Fly She's got it like that. TLC and thats where its at.
Beküldő: splashley 2007. március 23.
makes references to heat, flavour, spice, food, cold
chilli suits that persons characteristics
Beküldő: Bobby v5 2005. november 13.
When one regurgitates the contents of ones stomach, especially in conjunction with consuming large quantities of alcohol.
Skween just chilli'ed all over Dan's bed!
Beküldő: sling em out 2005. október 13.
a water bottle (that contains only water) that a swimmer shares wit their whole lane
Hey pass the chilli
Beküldő: JESSI 2003. december 13.
person who hits his 2 best friends til there are unconscience and then take full advantage of them in a bear rape
chilli knocked me out then knocked me up
Beküldő: dufa 2008. január 4.
When someone has diarhea and then procedes to getting their ass eaten, preferably with a spoon.
I had mad diarhea after wing night, then my women decided to eat my chilli instead of me using toilet paper.
Beküldő: A Gill 2006. november 1.
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