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Donald Trump
"We're not going to solve our problems if we get distracted by carnival barkers and sideshows" (Barack Obama, 27th April 2011, in reference to Donald Trump)
Beküldő: BannedByTrumpPlaza 2011. április 27.
A bloviating, pathologically narcissistic douchebag with a combover who demands peoples' birth certificates.
Donald Trump is a carnival barker; he won't stop asking for Obama's birth certificate
Beküldő: Reality355 2011. április 27.
Donald Trump.
The country does not have time for sideshows and carnival barkers.
Beküldő: jalara 2011. április 27.
One who hangs out outside a party and warns people not to go in for any reason.
Carnival Barker- "Don't go in there man it's haunted."
Beküldő: Gribbles 2007. november 17.