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to be shot.
"man that dumb ass was talkin shit so i just whipped out my pistol and capped that mutha fuka!"
Beküldő: drew_meister 2003. március 19.
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im going to cap your ass honky
Beküldő: david dickinson 2003. július 8.
A word used by Graffiti writers, ;to be capped out

-when one writer goes over or marks a line threw any other writer..
Dat fuck'n TOY capped me out son!
Beküldő: uneek_78238 2007. augusztus 27.
To be shot, shot.
"I capped that bitch's ass"
Beküldő: gr0ut 2002. december 8.
When the internet usage is used up, and the speed of the internet is extremely slow.
I have 60GB a month and i used it all up! Damnit i'm capped!
Beküldő: misscherrypop 2009. december 29.
when you've exceeded your internet usage.
no internet left.
I cant watch, im capped.

I cannot view this online video because I am capped.
Beküldő: Ramzai 2011. október 25.
The act of cheating/leaving your boyfriend while he is away in the military.
Man sends gf flowers while at war, still gets capped.
Beküldő: Geniusman99 2013. október 6.

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