when you want to trick somebody in to believing something you say your joke this shout out "cannon"
For example...." hey you dropped your pencil" they look down forgetting that they dont have a pencil and then you scream CANNON!
Beküldő: MonjiBOo 2008. augusztus 13.
Another term for a pickpocket.
Keep tabs on that young cannon.
Beküldő: Pcooper 2008. május 5.
The person doesn't mean it
Josh says,"i love you.", he don't mean it. So he says, "Cannon!"
Beküldő: mizzsweethoney1 2008. május 2.
N. a huge uncircumsized cock.
D.J. has a Cannon!
See D.j. matha freakin guiles
Beküldő: Ghost faced killah 2008. január 29.
A sexy girl that can fight hard sexy girls fighting
jacky is a cannon and she is sexy she can hold her own
Beküldő: Jessboy11 2007. augusztus 9.
An over-circumcised penis, with the entire head removed. A penis with no helmet.
Why does a 25 year old American male think that Jewish people walk around with cannons in their pants?
Beküldő: Flavavitz 2006. november 23.
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