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North Eastern English slang for something good or nice. There is no bigger compliment than being called canny.
She's a right canny lass
Beküldő: Julie 2004. május 6.
489 194
normal/ usual- opposite of uncanny
Jeans and hoodies are a canny combination.

My daily routine is a canny one.

Being emo (and depressed all the time) is not very canny.

A teenager acting like a baby is anything but canny.
Beküldő: CannyVanni 2011. január 5.
203 94
Geordie slang for a really genuine and kind hearted person. Someone who is just all round nice. They always mean well.
That girl's dead canny.
Beküldő: Mikay 2005. augusztus 18.
238 152
Half Penis, Half Vagina
Oh you have a canny?
Beküldő: Mikcap 2010. március 24.
134 128
North Eastern background. Meaning Quite, or rather.
Thats canny good.

She's canny dead.
Beküldő: Lucky 2004. július 12.
166 164
1. A good, kind-hearted person (often a girl), or to be good and kind-hearted
2. Rather or quite
3. Normal/usual (opposite of uncanny)
4. A variant of cannae, cannee, which is a way of saying "can not" (particularly with a Scottish accent)
1. She's a canny lass
2. That's canny good
3. A hoodie and jeans are a canny combination
4. I canny do it!
Beküldő: Xelacalle 2011. február 12.
39 51
shrewd, careful
the canny ho stole ma shit stained jeans... -tears-
Beküldő: AsadZero2 2011. október 12.
14 30