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Really off your head on alcohol or (esp.) drugs
Man I got proper caned off that K last night
Beküldő: piffy 2003. június 12.
To be caned -to be beaten at something by a large amount.
To cane - to beat by a lot, win by large amount.
Obama caned that election.
Beküldő: rolleson 2008. november 5.
To cause pain or, for one to be in pain
1. Man it canes if you put a joint out on your tongue

2. It caned when I fell off my chair
Beküldő: Miguel of neath 2004. július 13.
was you caned at school?Aye!(Ali g)
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. július 23.
Multi-context word. In Australian slang, means to express a feeling retated to force, pain, stress, etc. Can be used as an adjective, adverb, or verb.
Man, I had five cop cars chasing me when I was caning up the freeway.

My legs caned after that run the other day.

Mate, if you don't get outa my face, I'm gunna cane the crap outta you...

Beküldő: Stevo the Devo 2008. március 14.