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Just another word for plastic jewlery. Normally flashy colorful dress up jewlery worn by not only ravers buy stupid emo's.
Whoa man, look at your arm, you have a lot of candy.
Beküldő: Selly420 2006. február 22.
Another term for sex
-Did you get candy today?
-yes lots
Beküldő: Bishmilla 2004. július 12.
Another word for condoms because they come in many flavors and colors like...... candy.
I'm horny, who's buying the "candy" tonight?
Beküldő: Chipmunk5369 2008. augusztus 30.
girls, chicks , bitches , anyone female
i like vanilla candy = i like white girls
Beküldő: Babylatin16 2007. október 18.
A word I started using to replace the well over-used word "sweet". I used to say sweet, and then added the "like candy" for emphasis. "Man, that car is sweet like candy." I then shortened it to simply "candy". I use it instead of sweet in everyday conversation.
1 dude..."Dude, there's free ber at the Junction tonight!"
Another dude..."Candy."

Now if I could just find a word to use instead of dude...
Beküldő: Homer Simpson 2003. június 15.
A pussy, a hot girl, or your genitals. Something that is sexually appealing.
Mmmmm...that was some good candy, Jenn.
Beküldő: Eddie088 2003. november 22.
Candy is like 2 describe an ol skool ride, like a classic Impala, that has multiple high clear gloss coats on it.
"Dude was ridin on candy"
Beküldő: India in Tx. 2004. november 9.