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Yet another show that fucked up Cartoon Network.
Also see: My Gym Partner's A Monkey Ben 10 Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

..and I have to say CAMP LAZLO!!!!!!!!
Beküldő: Some idiot who thinks you are gay 2006. október 7.
A cartoon created by Joe Murray, creator of Rocko's Modern Life. It is about a monkey named lazlo who goes to a camp called camp kidney. It is okay, but sometimes it's really wierd.
Camp Lazlo is funny at times but really wierd.
Beküldő: kcfkcfcv 2006. május 1.
A television cartoon on Cartoon Network.
Camp Lazlo promotes juvenile behavior, sexism, racism, anti-adult mindedness, and has no moral values.
Beküldő: Nicholas24254365 2009. január 18.