Laughing stock. pathetic excuse for a state.

state whose people are dumb enough to want an actor as their governor.
Don't send me to california, i'd rather go to hell.
Beküldő: california knows how to suck 2003. október 4.
The Gay State
All the faggots live in California !!!
Beküldő: Faggot 2004. április 11.
The 2nd best state in the U.S. behind NY
lets got to california, nah f*ck cali.......NY NIGGA!!!!!!
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. október 11.
State that gives homage to five types of people:

1) Preppy, blonde, cell-phone clad seventeen year old girls.
2) Rejected goths and skater punks/dudes
3) Corrupt Politicians
4) Celebrities
5) Soccer Moms
1: Oh, how do you like my new leather coat?

Oh, girl, it's so the rage this season. Like, oh my god!

2: Dude, you wanna go crash the mall?
Beküldő: Sage 2003. december 22.
A liberal shithole
California is a strong Democrat state, hence all their retarded laws
Beküldő: stinkywhitedick 2015. október 25.

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