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n. - Cock with an "a" instead of an "o."
1. She was suckin' on my cack all night. And it was nice.
2. Don't be such a cack, man.
Beküldő: Hemang 2008. május 21.
62 47
staffordshire english for shit, crap shyte, dung,
arrr looka tha oss cack in the road
Beküldő: paul hinton 2006. május 4.
103 93
another word for have sex with, in the verb sense.
I cacked that bitch so hard last night.
Beküldő: urgayallday 2010. január 1.
31 26
Another word to describe Cocks!
I love cacks!
You are such a cacksucker
This program is total cacks
Beküldő: DenzilVoorhees 2006. július 10.
24 22
A beautiful women you want to have sex with.
That girl with the big knockers is cacks
Beküldő: magnoliastudent 2011. május 4.
10 9
a stronger cock, more influential and craved more then normal. A cack is like a god cock, a cock is just a cock. A cack all the ladies want and need, a cock ladies can do without. Only the strong and possessed can attribute such a cack.
kristina: " nick has such a big cock!"
bobbi: " i know, but have you seen mikes cack? its mesmorizing!"
Beküldő: queen liz 2010. november 29.
3 3
To inhale from a marijuana cigarette.
"you boys cackin' a doob?"

"We should cack a doobie before we go to taco bell"
Beküldő: unclemergle32 2009. május 10.
37 37