1 means shit
2 is a slang word to cover up for drugs if cops or authority is near.
example: hey man, hide your caca the popo are right there
Beküldő: K-hen 2008. április 27.
basically it means SHIT
i went ca-ca in my brother's bathroom.
Beküldő: Rachel Cassie Evans Smith 2005. május 24.
One who is extremely tan or brown, usually a Mexican-American who is just more brown than the others. Derived from the spanish word "caca" which literally means shit.
Dude look at cacas run, he's just a big brown blur.
Beküldő: Sandman 2005. március 4.
a french canadian word for fecal matter
Don't touch that! It smells like ca ca.
Beküldő: catwoman 2005. január 18.
A word use to call a person out, who is usually always right or just a plain jerk.
Chris:what do you think about that new kid james?

Maryssa:Eh, he is a caca about everything. He acts like he knows it all!
Beküldő: Maryssa and Chris 2011. május 1.
an insult for people who live in culver city
venice kid: those caca's lives off of centinela in culver city.
Beküldő: janx lee 2009. szeptember 13.
Hispanic term to define someone who is a bad person
"Sos una caca" " You're a shit"
"ese gringo es una mierda" "That north american is a shit"
Beküldő: allthetimeilost 2008. augusztus 18.

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