a vegetable that smells like shit
Ihate Cabbages they smell like shit
Beküldő: Sean Vernon 2003. december 23.
To cabbage someone.
Usually a term used when trying to freak out a person who is tripping (inebriated on a psychotomimetic substance.)
I cabbed <name> out!
Dude, stop trying to cabbage me!
Beküldő: ^MisterJingo^ 2003. december 18.
A desirable, nice or visually appealing butt.
"Damn bro, she got cabbage"
"Look behind you, cabbage"
via giphy
Beküldő: Grocery_Bag 2016. április 29.
Money. Cash. Bread. Samolians.
$150,000? That's a lotta cabbage!
Beküldő: Ghoster2910 2015. augusztus 11.
Another meaning for shit used by many young Australian males to bag out mates and random people they don't know
That is so cabbage. Jeremy is a cabbage cunt . Tim is so fucking cabbage at fifa
Beküldő: Cabdude 2015. január 9.
Cabbage is another meaning for shit. Used by many young Australians
Tim is so cabbage at fifa haha
Beküldő: Cabdude 2015. január 9.
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