A person who can withstand cold temperatures.
Dude! Look at her stand in the snow in a bikini! She's such a cabbage!
Beküldő: OrangeDweeb 2004. január 24.
Vagina, pussy, cockpit.
"I really want to stuff her cabbage."
"His douglas fits my cabbage nicely."
"We're going out looking for cabbage."
"She wanted me to go down on her, so I slapped her in the face with my douglas and said, 'Bitch, I'm not eating your rotten cabbage!'"
"I smashed her cabbage so hard there was cabbage juice on the ceiling. And my douglas."
Beküldő: JW#1 2006. november 2.
cabbage is hihop 4 money
hey u got any spear cabbage?
Beküldő: jeni 2004. december 6.
When what you are wearing is so redneck, its cool. Just like someone you would see down at the cabbage patch.
Damn! That mullet is cabbage!
Beküldő: Anthony SeChrist 2006. március 6.
chron, i gotta go get a toasted sandwhich, the marijuan, i got the munchies man from the brand of can-ehh bus should have ads on the side in which lads are smoking blunts of cabbage kid patches grow and kids all laugh insist they legalize the shit
yo pass the cabbage
roll that up
Beküldő: Canada 2004. december 8.
amazingly sexy person
damn you! cabbage youre hot
Beküldő: Tom 2004. november 8.
a vegetable that smells like shit
Ihate Cabbages they smell like shit
Beküldő: Sean Vernon 2003. december 23.

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