Homosexual that is trying to loot your booty. Has connotations of the theft of booty in a coercive manner from the unwilling.
"Why don't you relax and free yourself from all those blocks that society has imposed upon you, fun can be found in the most incredible places..." - "Aaaargh, butt pirates!!! To your fighting positions matees we are under attaaaack!"
#ass bandit #turd burglar #pederast #ass pirate #fanny bandit
Beküldő: Morklor 2009. február 22.
a man who is really really gay and likes to scream
HHHHHYYYYYYAAAAAARRRRRGGGGG every time he has ass sex, rapes someone in the ass, or grabs and or looks at a males ass. a tell tale sign of a butt pirate is if you hear a guy say "HHHYYYAAARRRGGG your booty shivers my timbers" to another guy.
Butt pirate: "hhhyyyaaarrrggg!!!!!!!!!"
Rndom guy: "awwwwwww hell naw u a butt pirate?... get the fuck away mutha fucka"
#butt #pirate #gay #hyarg #fag
Beküldő: numz 2008. február 4.
When a guy, wearing a cupcake and skull t-shirt, comes up to a group of girls dancing with a token male friend. The guy then proceeds to make contact with the token male instead of the hot chicks.
What's the meaning of that cupcake shirt that guy was wearing when he was hitting on you? ... It means he is a "butt pirate"!!
#but pirate #buttpirate #butt-pirate #ass-pirate #ass pirate
Beküldő: WildBill1991 2011. augusztus 5.
Also known as the coon cunt. One who is really gay.
Ian is a Butt Pirate
#ian #but pirate #gay #coon cunt #dumb
Beküldő: ricochetcrazyeyes 2011. március 28.
when you are pirate and you like to have angry butt sex with your mates.
Hey Fred did you here that kid joseph from the National Guard is a butt pirate?
#gay at sea #fag #butt ninja #sailors #and homos
Beküldő: tyler balez 2008. október 31.
One who pillages for booty, and goes "argh"
Beth is a butt pirate.
#beth #arrrgh #pirate #booty #assmonster
Beküldő: AlRigoberto 2006. december 27.
If your looking this up, you problably are one.
Guy 1: Dude why is that guy over by that group of girls voice so nasily?

Guy 2: Its because hes a Butt Pirate
#butt #pirate #ass #dick #gay #homosexual
Beküldő: Joksalot 2012. április 6.
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