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The urgent need to go to the toilet to pee...
::Puts hand up:: Sir, i really need to go to the toilet. I'm busting!
Beküldő: K o k o [Dyn] 2006. január 10.
Like ejaculating, or nutting
Yo Sean, i was busting all up in her
Beküldő: Diamonds 2004. augusztus 28.
same thing as 'cracking on' someone.
I kept busting their chops on the xbox, just like a mad man.
Beküldő: J. Long 2004. augusztus 26.
Teasing. Harsh teasing that often is embarrassing and/or annoying.
Liz kept busting on my "ugly" shoes. Meanwhile, I know she wants a pair.

Here comes Tom. Let's bust him about that blind date he had last night. She was one fugly bitch.
Beküldő: Wabbit 2004. augusztus 26.
Going out behind work to go for a smoke.
Johnny and Ben were busting out back.
Beküldő: Ciege 2007. november 2.
To give or share something.
"Yo,check it out,that guy's busting jerseys."
Beküldő: Phoenix 2003. március 28.
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