to deny something, mostly a fact, assumption, or blanket statement.
Don't bug, boo. You know you want me.
Beküldő: Julia's Gay Friend 2005. március 28.
its a crawly thing there
There Look You cunt theres a bug god dammit
Beküldő: darkchild 2005. január 1.
To bug someone is to finger their asshole, male or female.
I told him to bug me so he put his finger up my ass and made me come.
Beküldő: Samantha 2004. május 5.
degrading in a cute way. a name used in name calling if you will...
Your a BUG!
i am?
ummm...are you gonna step on me?
your a BUG!hahhaaha
Beküldő: squee 2003. november 26.

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