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Graffiti terminology. When your shit gets painted over by the authorities, MTA, property owners etc
"Yo that ill piece I did on the highway overpass got buffed by the man"
Beküldő: MTISM 2005. szeptember 5.
131 41
to be well-built or stocky and muscly
Damn, see that guys muscles? He's buffed to the max.
Beküldő: auTeX 2005. április 21.
67 35
to be watching a video and have it begin buffering half way through, especially if the video is being show for a large public presentation
"You got buffed!" or "That presenter got buffed half way through his video about africa, so the assembly took twice as long."
Beküldő: MOON-E 2009. július 7.
3 24
1.had give oral sex
2.gave head
azelia buffed king las nite
Beküldő: BABYKING 515 2007. május 6.
12 49
extremely tired, worn out from having too much sex or masterbating excessively
"Shit man, i whacked my weenie 8 times today; I'm so fuckin' buffed"-mark

"Mmm, me and brandon did the dirty 4 times today and we were both so buffed we slept all day.
Beküldő: LicksMmm 2005. január 28.
6 52