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extremely round and large buttocks.
Kessler's budonkadonk needs its own zip-code.
Beküldő: barb cochran 2003. január 27.
A large butt
I like a girl with a budonkadonk butt.
Beküldő: ken 2002. október 8.
apple bottom, sweet ass, gots to be big
j-lo, beyonce
Beküldő: ya daddy 2003. december 7.
Junk in the trunk; a rotund or corpulent behind; something you can pull up to and put your mug on
The pretty girl had a budonkadonk that jiggled as she walked down the street.
Beküldő: keo g h 2006. április 20.
junk in the trunk
"...does she have the budonkadonk butt?"
Beküldő: JDub 2004. március 7.
To have an extremely larged, oversized, inhumane arse. Orinates from the beast itself, Katie Noon. Can be shortened by saying Budonks.
Griff: "WOAH!, i nearly got sucked into the portal of budonkadonk!"

Griff: "Don't look at that budonks, it's bending over again!
Beküldő: Dat Indian Breddah 2008. április 23.
big chunky ass.does not have to be fineeee.
mmmm. her budonkadonk was d to the e to the licious
Beküldő: sweetcheeksofdeath 2007. május 14.