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A bubu is a slang word used in the northeast for the hottest most beautiful women out there. A bubu cheek is the dopest woman out there, she tops em all.
"Damn she's bubu"
"where the bubu's?"
Beküldő: sean murray 2006. október 12.
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Baby, shorty (also Bu). Sometimes used as a synonym to 'small'. Often used as ainterposition when talking to/about females and kids.
Hey bu what you what's for dinner tonight?
Hey bubu where your toys at' ?
Beküldő: imamillionaire 2009. június 7.
Term used to define your female lover, if you are a female. (in a friend-like way) Term derived from ZeePee, a little known basketball player, when using the term "bu" to a female. He was known for being female-ish, and not spelling words correctly, which is why females use it on other females jokingly. Males using it without the "no-homo" line may seem homo. :)
"Hey bubu, whatcha eatin today in the library?"

"Bubu I missed you!"

Beküldő: Bubu #1 & Bubu #2 2009. május 29.
in the Marshall Islands, bubu is grandmother.
Bubu is the new name of mother earth.
Beküldő: StarryBlue 2008. július 29.
The most awesome fucking dude on the whole god damned internet.
bubu fucking kicks ass!
Beküldő: George Slice 2004. augusztus 27.
A cry baby. Always complains about every thing.
Stop complaining you are such a bubu!
Beküldő: alex roz 2006. július 29.
1. (adj)Is inferior to another.
2. (v)to lack a personality.
3. (n)a baby girl or whimpy man.
(adj) - That geeky kid is so much more bubu than that that cool kid over there.
(v) - Gosh, that tall dude bubus.
(n) - Haha, he's a bubu!.
Beküldő: Not Bubu 2003. szeptember 13.

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