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Horrid UK monopoly.
Beküldő: Bluetooth 2003. április 9.
10 15
Bitch Tits. A term of endearment used to make fun of someone or to praise them as your friend.
"Listen BT, quit fuckin around!!" "What the hell is that BT doing?" "You're a BT"
Beküldő: David Tyler 2007. május 31.
0 6
Any person who administers a heavily censored discussion board about Internet topics. The need for censorship arises when there are mildly negative posts about the board's hidden commercial partners.
Some bt nuked my post about the bad practice of a popular search engine.
Beküldő: Justin 2004. november 2.
5 11
one of the best and most respecting DJs in the world, he is probably the only good american DJ

he has awesome beats and all pop artists go to him for help
1. I love this song called Somnambulist by BT.

2. *NSYNC didn't make Dirty Pop. BT did. No, i'm serious.
Beküldő: TranceFan 2004. március 28.
62 68
BT Stands for Boner Toucher.
Chris pitched a tent and Shawn got the Finger of Truth out and gently tapped his Boner through Chris's sweat-pants as he lay drunk and passed out on the couch. "I BT'd Chris last night and he woke up yelling "Nunchucks, bitch!!!"

(and yes this did happen! FTW!)
Beküldő: Lee and Scott 2008. április 18.
4 11
English Phone Company also provides internet access. Probably the biggest in the known universe.
I would only use BT if you have no other option
Beküldő: john365 2003. március 13.
1 8
An acronymn for "Bridge & Tunnel" referring to people who come to Manhatten on the weekeds via a bridge or a Tunnel to get to the city and party.
Bungalow 8 is awful on Saturdays because of all the BTs.
Beküldő: Andre Bagel 2006. június 15.
1 9