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Also referred to as the anus. Often characterized by 'striations' that are in a star pattern.
Wow, that girl has some nice striations on her brown star.
Beküldő: Landon Howe 2005. január 15.
An unwiped anus
"My brownstar is itching unforgivably"
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. június 3.
The anus when freshly browned.
Kyle forgot to wipe so his brown star bothered him (and everyone else around him) all day.
#brownstar #shithole #blowhole #anus #asshole
Beküldő: Brownie the Clownie 2006. november 25.
One's anus
As in brown star cowboy - a male of homosexual persuasion
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. január 16.
Another term for an asshole
Frank became a brown star when he screwed my sister in the brown star.
#asshole #ass #butt #brownstar #shit hole
Beküldő: Jay Ess 2006. december 29.
the mark left when one presses one's unclean anus against the skin of another.
She knew she'd had a bit too much to drink when she woke up with a brown star on her forehead and an empty box of Franzia at her feet.
Beküldő: EB 2003. augusztus 18.
when someone is having anal sex and pulls out as the person farts. causing small round pieces of poop to fly out
o man last night was crazy. why what happened? well i was doing my girlfriend and pulled out and she shot her brown stars all over me.
#brown #star #lol #yucky #sphincter
Beküldő: tattooed ugly guy 1988 2011. július 15.
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