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A deep brotherly connection with another male that can be both related to you or not related to you. You two are so close that you are brothers for life. Originated by Calacat in 2009 north of Seattle.
Bro bro let's chill next weekend and live it up!
Beküldő: Calacat2 2011. február 21.
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When your best friend is more than just a bro he is a brobro.
Yo what's up brobro?
Beküldő: Lebron Entourage 2009. július 19.
Someone who takes a flintstone hop-step while bowling.
Nick bowls like a brobro.
Beküldő: Tasty Snack 2009. július 21.
1.A term of endearment towards a friend,associate,brother, sister,etc.

2.the long word for the west coast term "bro"
Isabela: Yo you goin out tonight?
S: nah bro bro I'm chillin in the crib for now.
Beküldő: fsdhhndvn 2009. április 7.
means like dude or bro or brother.
yo Bro-bro whats up

whats up Bro-bro

yo Bro-bro
Beküldő: Sami00monster 2008. szeptember 10.
Another name to call yo peoples. Equivalent to "man" "dude" "homie" "loc" "playa"
"Hey, come here bro-bro. Lemme holla at u."
Beküldő: Company 2008. május 30.
A friend of a gay bitch.
What's up brobro.
Beküldő: Dr. Mel Practice M.D 2009. december 16.

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