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A male aging from 18-24 years, wears Birkenstock sandals, upside down visor or baseball cap with pre-frayed brim also watches Family Guy and plays ultimate Frisbee. Usually in a fraternity, older version of a prep.
Joe: Hey you missed the party last night, where were you?
Tom: Just screwing around, how was it?
Joe: It sucked because there were a million bros there.
Beküldő: joejauwna 2007. június 14.
10 34
a male that wears bergen stock sandals, hollister polos with popped collars, an upsidedown visor or baseball cap with a prefrayed brim, usually likes to get other men drunk to do things to them and likes to gamecube.
Hey bro you want to go chill over at my place play gamecube and get drunk.
Beküldő: StefanBroChill 2007. március 20.
15 39
Best Reasonable Offer
"Price is $40 or BRO"
Beküldő: Mike000 2006. október 11.
9 33
A term used commonly among wogs and fobs. Often used around people of different origin to try to make them jealous of their comradery.
"Hey bro, wanna go bash some kids?"
"Hey bro, let's go play some b-ball"
Beküldő: Josh Byrnes 2005. augusztus 10.
2 26
another way of saying "lend". Usage can be found in states like California, Maryland and Florida.
yo, bro me a quarter.
Beküldő: stu 2004. október 14.
5 29
A term used in the popular move DRIVE BY. Used to signify close friends.
Bro, I'm gonna shoot you bro
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. január 24.
4 28
Underclothing that supports or contains breasts, designed for often obeese males.
"You're suggesting I wear a bra?"
"No, bras are for ladies... meet the 'Bro'"
Beküldő: Mr_Rice_Man 2006. július 25.
4 29