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To make a small mistake
She britta'd that essay. How did she make such a simple spelling mistake?!
Beküldő: universal_remote 2011. november 9.
362 51
A name of Swedish origin, meaning "strong"
She is reliable and steady
Always looks for the best in people
She believes anything is possible
She can accept others disagreeing with her
Trys to always kind to others
Secure in knowing she is on the right path
Fear does not stand in her way

She also doesn't like when her name is referenced to Brit or Brittany, Britta is not short for anything, so don't ask if it is or change it.
There's no one like Britta.
Beküldő: TinTin3978 2008. december 17.
265 97
Meaning beautiful, amazing, breathtaking and/or awesome.
'That sunset is Britta'
Beküldő: Zaccccch 2007. szeptember 20.
273 145
a beautiful brown haird girl who is usually very popular with everyone. a big partyer. usually used as a compliment.
"everybody loves her, her name must be britta."
Beküldő: mogee 2007. augusztus 4.
199 125
Strong, beautiful/striking, a leader, one worth knowing.
if you know a Britta you will be lucky indeed. You will laugh and eat good food. She would give the last shirt off her back.
Beküldő: Dreambabe 2010. február 3.
102 64
meat curtins, she's stupid she loses everything cus shes a dumbass.
oh my god that girl looks like she has a britta?!?
Beküldő: Rosa123 2010. október 3.
26 171