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The way us canadians say beer. Though unlike what loserkid said i don't think it's all that hickish.
Hey dude can you grab me another brewski.
Beküldő: Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar 2005. február 25.
I'm gonna go grab a few cold brewskis out of the fridge.
Beküldő: Bart Wilkins 2003. március 25.
A slang term developed in the mid to late 70's by an unknown individual in the plains states as a term for a cold driveway beer.
Hey Jeff, come on over for a cold brewski!
Beküldő: DoodleBerger 2005. május 23.
Beers. More than one beer.
He's going to pick up a 12 pack of brewskis later.
Beküldő: SuperSonicX 2006. május 19.
Beer. Generally cheap, watery beer, the kind that you often find in a keg.
Hey bro, can you get me another brewski out of the fridgeski?
Beküldő: k80 2009. január 15.
What you call multiple beers if a) you're cluelessly still living in the 1980's; b) ironically pretending you're in an 80's teenage T&A film to underline that your life experience completely revolves around what you have watched on television.

If a) then cut that mullet. If b) no-one thinks you're cool, so stop it. Stop it right now.
"Dude... totally rad kegger. Pass the brewskis. Cowabunga! Is that Gary and Wyatt? Let's kick their butts!"
Beküldő: bananapyhjamefe 2008. március 17.
A bottle of suds or beer
Man lets go to the pub and get a few brewskis
Beküldő: dmb 2005. március 31.