term used for testicles that hang low enough they touch the breast of a oral sex partner
That old dude has some breasticles.
Beküldő: Joe Cookeville 2007. szeptember 2.
The exquisite parts of a hermaphrodite,,, having both balls and breasts
Dude, did you see Kathy today?
yea man, she totally has breasticles
Beküldő: Ryan Lape 2007. június 6.
testicles with nipples on them
dude thats gross hes got breasticles
Beküldő: steevin 2007. május 16.
Of or referring to the female breasts or cleavage
Oh look, it landed on your breasticle
Beküldő: ShaniquaBaybee 2012. október 14.
The accumulation of two funny words, making a funnier word, meaning nothing at all except to be some sort of low-brow humor of the Family Guy variety
"Dude I have the best Breasticle for you?" said Dave. "Vagenis!"

"You have the funniest Breasticles Dave" Says the chick he's about to sleep with.
Beküldő: CZ Sol 2007. október 13.
testicles that have nipples
his balls have nipps!
that means they are breasticles!
Beküldő: unebolkvjbeh 2007. augusztus 22.
Low hanging breasts, as seen in over-implanted or elderly women, that drop as gravity takes hold
Look at the stomach on her!
that's no stomach, them's breasticles!
Beküldő: daniel connolly 2007. március 25.

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