The way to describe when a woman does something good. The opposite of the term 'balls' for in.."Man, you've got some balls to dump her".
"You've got some breasticles"
Beküldő: Stephanie Clark 2007. január 12.
its your tits up top ..
"check out the breasticles on that honey"
Beküldő: Dirty Sanchez 2004. február 29.
see "Matthew C. A.K.A Chubstikler"
MAtt has breasticles
Beküldő: Kurt-is So Horny 2003. december 17.
A breast-like scrota that sports an erect testicle at the tip of the nipple.
Hello susie, your breasticles sure look squishy today!
Beküldő: Zack K 2003. május 2.
man boobs
That t-shirts too tight. His breasticles are hanging to his knees.

You need a bro to tether those breasticles.
Beküldő: The Man with th true. 2013. november 20.
A womans boobs, breast, tits
Girls tells boy: Stop staring at my Breasticles
Boy is speechless doesn't know what to say !
Beküldő: M A Y H E M 2011. május 7.
a genetic disorder in which sperm is produced in the breasts
So my daughter went in for her first doctors check up and... we found out she has "breasticles"
Beküldő: Girls That Camp Inside 2011. március 26.

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